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Strategic Sales + Marketing

We'll develop your go-to-market strategy to identify how to launch your new product or in a new market. We'll work with your team to develop marketing strategies and refine your sales process to enable growth. 

International readiness

We'll spend half a day guiding your executive team through the thought process every startup must have before expanding internationally. We'll deep-dive into company goals, target markets, launch team structure, operations at scale and other barriers to entry teams encounter when launching in a new country. 

Expansion consulting

We're available anytime to advise on expansion efforts. We will review and analyze expansion playbooks, troubleshoot and strategize with your team as needed on an hourly basis.  

Target Market report + Market Acceleration Plan

We'll conduct an in-depth analysis of target market and develop an actionable plan to ensure a successful launch.

Our report will cover key elements including market size, traits, market share percentage, competitive analysis, regulatory restrictions, prospective deal opportunities, strategic partnerships and localization needs. 

interim expansion management

We will lead initial business development and marketing efforts in a new country to accelerate your company's growth in a new market. 

Responsibilities include site selection, developing the launch strategy and playbook, business development and strategic partnerships, local marketing, local press and recruiting initial key hires.